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The fee for the cultural excursion program is 275 Euros. The excursion program includes the activities detailed below. The participation fee for the cultural tour will be paid to the tour organization company separately from the congress participation fee. Participation in cultural tours is optional. Our participants can also visit Andalusia at their own convenience.


al hamra sarayı cordoba


1 day; Cordoba trip and evening accommodation in Cordoba,
2 days; Sevilla sightseeing and evening accommodation Sevilla,
3 days; Granada sightseeing and accommodation Granada,
Services Included in Tour Programs;
* Accommodation including breakfast in all 3 and 4 star hotels.
* Bus transportation and airport transfer services during the tour.
* Turkish guidance service during the entire tour.
* Al Hambra Palace, Sevilla Cathedral and Kurtuba Grand Mosque entrance fees.
* Local guidance services.




*First Day; Cordoba; On the first day of our trip, the Guadalquivir River will meet us first in Cordoba, the capital of the region during the Roman Empire and Andalusian Periods. We will walk over the historic Roman bridge, cross the Roman gate and enter the city. Our guests will be able to visit the Kurtuba Ulu Mosque, which is one of the biggest mosques of the world, 2000-year-old city, which is rising on 850 columns, in the presence of our local and Turkish guides. After we witnessed the glory of Kurtuba Mosque, we are the old streets. On our way we have Cordoba's flower streets, the old inn that reflects all the tiniest of Andalusian architecture, and the exemplary Cordoba house. As we pass through the beautiful courts, we will fill our ears of water swirling in the pools, and our eyes will swim in a thousand colors of flowers. After a short free time on the Kurtuba's streets, we will settle into our hotel in Cordoba for accommodation.

*2nd. Day; Sevilla; Andalucia's capital city Sevilla is our next stop. In Seville we will meet Maria Luisa Park, where the magnificent Plaza de Espana is located. It is possible to see traces of the richness of colonialism in every corner of Seville, the door of colonialism of Spain's colonial times. We are our next stop, the cathedral of Santa Marta, the third largest cathedral in the world, including the tomb of Cristof Colomb, where we will see this masterpiece of the gothic architecture by visiting the cathedral in local and Turkish guides. Then we will see the last piece of the Hiralda Minaresi, which can be reached daily by the glass, which is built on the cathedral, which carries the memory of the Andalusian Umayyad State right next to the cathedral. Today we will travel back in time with Torre del Oro, the marine museum, which is the royal palace of Alcazar, which we will see from the outside after seeing the Golden Tower from the outside, and the architectural heritage of Andalusia and Christianity. And our last stop will be a pleasant trip on the streets of old Seville. After our trip to Seville, we will go to our hotel in Sevilla.

* 3. Day; Granada; We will move from Sevilla after breakfast in the morning and head for Granada. The Alhambra Palace, the first of its kind in Granada, is undoubtedly the Pearl of Andalusia. Our first stop in Granada will be the Alhambra Palace with its magnificent gardens and incredibly beautiful ornaments. During the long palace period, we will embrace the wonders of the Beni-american Kingdom and the Granada, which we will see from San Nikolas Hill, the palace exit. The city is waiting for us; In the old Arab neighborhood of Albacín we will walk through the steep streets of the street artists and see the Morabbacco Mosque and arrive at Isabel de Catholica, the main street of the city, Gran Via and the city of the city. A short coffee yada mint tea stop after Granada Cathedral and the bazaars are waiting for us. While our wishful guests are walking in the boulevards of this beautiful city, our wishing guests can taste the famous tapas in the cafes of the beautiful squares of the city, which greets you at every corner. For a short stay in Granada's pleasant evenings, we will transfer to our hotel in Granada for beautiful memories.